That was a great reason for us

We’d all left for college, & mom was all alone at home, then i found myself worrying about her alot, and all of us talked every afternoon & told her not to get too lonely now that every one of us were not around, and this was her opportunity to rekindle her love for traveling & see different places, however mom knew every one of us were right & decided to take a trip to San Francisco, then grandma had moved there to get away from the chilly weather a few years back.

Mom had not visited her in some time & saw that as the perfect reason for the trip.

All of us talked the night before her flight, & she promised to have lots of fun… When she arrived in the city, Grandma was so enthusiastic to see her. They spent lots of time catching up & even video-calling all the grandyoungsters. A few afternoons later, mom started touring the town & ended up at the famous Alcatraz Prison. I had never been there & told her to take lots of pictures & videos. The prison was a sight to behold, & it was the scene for the famous 1969 movie Escape from Alcatraz by Clint Eastwood. Mom called myself and others at some point while I was in her tour to show myself and others around the outdated prison cells. After her visit, she walked around the town & came across numerous weed dispensaries. Though she was not indulgent, she got in & got a few things for Grandma, who said the edibles helped her. Mom was getting enthusiastic about the visit & planning her next vacation to another place on her basket list. All of us were all cheerful she was residing her best life.


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