I got a option to visit the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver

Architect William A, lang was a great architect who lived in the 1870s! He was a Denver resident responsible for the Molly Brown House, a Victorian-era work of art… William built the home to showcase a few styles popular while in that period, and I’m sure he meant for people to admire the location for a long time, the home back then belonged to Isaac and Mary Large, who later had to sell the home after suffering financially later on.

The next owner of this magnificent location was James Joseph Brown, who purchased it from the Large family.

The title for the home was eventually transferred to JJ’s partner Margaret when he suffered from poor health… Margaret and her family were frequent travelers and rented out the home for some time… Even the governor of CO stayed there in 1902 before it was turned into a boarding home in 1926. When Margaret passed away in 1932, the home exchanged ownership and became a rooming home for men, and it was never well taken care of until 1970, when restoration began thanks to the Historic Denver Inc. This group of Denver residents came together to raise funds and turned the home into a museum, but all this I l earned while in our visit to this amazing work of art. The home is something you have to visit to believe and speaks volumes about the different eras in Denver. My visit was while in the tepid Denver summer, even though I was lucky there was great in the museum and multiple other locations I visited while in our trip. The home was nestled in the Capitol Hill District, and there’s a guided tour for all visitors.
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