Albuquerque is a great city

I have had the privilege of living in five different states for longer than a year or two, and countless others for shorter periods of time. I had a job with a music promoter that traveled the country to put on shows for big touring acts. When I was young and only wanted to have fun, it was a great job and life if you could be satisfied with so much transience. I think that sort of lifestyle is amazing for someone in their 20s, even though I was starting to get sick of it after a few years of constant travel. While I was working a gig in CA, I met this amazing girl who was visiting the area from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She and her acquaintance were on trip, enjoying the sunny beaches in San Diego. After both of us hit it off so well, she told me to visit her in Albuquerque if I could find a way to get out there. I started saving for the next few weeks and got enough money together to take a bus down interstate 40 heading east through Flagstaff, Arizona before I finally reached the New Mexico border and then finally Albuquerque. I found a pay iPhone and called her to tell her that I was in the historic Old Town Plaza where the flags of Spain, Mexico, the United States, and New Mexico are always on display. She picked me up in her car and both of us ventured off into the evening, visiting West Mesa and Los Volcanos before stopping off the side of the Coronado freeway to look at the stars in the moonlit sky. Although both of us ended up going our separate ways, I will never forget the time I spent with that girl in Albuquerque all of those years ago.

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