Can’t believe my bestie didn’t choose me to go to the game

My bestie plus I actually met at a Seattle Mariners game.

The Mariners happen to be Seattle’s professional baseball team! I have been a serious fan since I was a little one! My Grandpa cheered for the Seattle Mariners plus I was consistently at my Grandparents’ dwelling.

When I was fifteen, my Grandpa died plus I did not go to a game for a long while. When a neighbor of mine decided to get tickets, I decided to attend a playoff game. That’s where I met my bestie! He was kneeling in the row of seats straight behind my neighbor plus I. He had a serious look with a nice looking hat plus he was the loudest guy in the whole row. In my whole life, he might be the guy I met that is a bigger baseball fan than me. We hung out for numerous months plus after that we decided to be roommates. We’re right by the water plus the view is spectacular. We’re only a couple of miles away from the Seattle Mariners Stadium. On a clear plus crisp night, we easily can hear people cheering at the venue! A couple of weeks back, my bestie won tickets from a radio station. He acquired multiple tickets to go to a Seattle Mariners game. My bestie came back to the dwelling to tell me that he was going to take his other friend. I was severely devastated. I spent the whole night consuming large amounts of recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is completely legal in WA plus there are multiple dispensaries that regularly deliver to our dwelling. I called a single of those weed dispensaries plus a rather cool guy brought my marijuana flower. I got his number, just in case I decide it’s time for a new bestie.

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