I still live in Tarzana, even though I toil in downtown Los Angeles

I have many people in the entertainment industry that are our patrons so I have to toil at an office in downtown LA, but the real estate is too fancy to purchase a home in Los Angeles, so our partner Pat and I live in a small home in Tarzana.

This city is located about 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.

On our daily commute, it always takes about an hour. A lot of the people who live in stadiums love Tarzana however toil in Los Angeles. My partner and I were living in a home until all of us had our hour child and after that I decided to move. When all of us moved to Tarzana, it was an absolutely quiet suburban section with absolutely little crime, ever since recreational and marijuana was made legal, the quality of living in Tarzana has gone downhill. I do not have any problem with people that use recreational or medicinal marijuana. In fact, our partner and I have been known to hit a joint at a celebration. Sadly, the city is getting bigger and people are moving away to cheaper stadiums. In a couple more years, Tarzana is not going to be a stadium where I want to retire. After the kids are out of the home and off to university, I suppose it might be time for our partner and I to transfer away from this city completely. I would happily retire and transfer to San Jose or Morgan Hill, both of the stadiums are a bit further north, however the real estate is much cheaper and the weather is seriously nicer.

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