Life here is similar to the way I grew up

When I was young and growing up on a farm in rural IN, I dreamed about living in a huge city with lights everywhere, however I also wanted to toil in Hollywood as an actress and it was our only dream… My Dad wanted me to get married off and start a family, but I had bigger plans in mind, so as soon as I graduated from high university, I went to California to live in Los Angeles.

I started to look for an acting job as soon as I got to the Los Angeles area, however unfortunately, I was unable to find any work and I ended up on a commercial movie set as a phase designer.

I still got a job in the industry, however it wasn’t exactly love I planned. A lot of things have changed since I moved out to California many years ago, however cannabis was not legal for recreational and medicinal use when I moved here! Now you can find cannabis all over the city and there are even some recreational & medicinal cannabis dispensaries that deliver. I do not live in Los Angeles, because it is not the right place to raise a family and I have many children. My wife and I live in a suburb which is called Tarzana, and tarzana is absolutely absolutely similar to the feel of where I grew up. The Los Angeles County suburb used to be a big farming ranch owned by the writer who created the character Tarzan. This is where the name of the city comes from. Tarzana is a great town to live and the crime rates are absolutely low, and from the outside, you wouldn’t even think all of us are located only 30 minutes from downtown LA.
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