My boyfriend took his buddy to the game instead of me

My boyfriend and I met at a Seattle Mariners game.

The Mariners are Seattle’s professional baseball team.

I have been a fan since I was a little kid. My grandfather cheered for the Seattle Mariners and I was always at my grandparents house. When I was fifteen, my grandfather died and I didn’t go to a game for a long time. When a friend of mine got tickets, I decided to attend a playoff game. That’s where I met my boyfriend. He was sitting in the row of seats directly behind my best friend and I. He had blue eyes and a blue hat and he was the loudest person in the whole row. In my whole life, he might be the only person that I met that is a bigger baseball fan than me. We dated for six months and then we moved into a flat together. We’re right by the water and the view is spectacular. We’re only a couple of miles away from the Seattle Mariners Stadium. On a clear and crisp night, we can hear people cheering at the stadium. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend won tickets from a radio station. He received two tickets to go to a Seattle Mariners game. My boyfriend came home and told me that he was going to take his best friend. I was absolutely devastated. I spent the whole night consuming large amounts of recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is legal in Washington and there are several dispensaries that deliver right to my flat. I called one of those weed dispensaries and a very handsome guy brought my marijuana flower. I got his number, just in case I decide it’s time for a new boyfriend.

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