The Getty Center is only a short drive from the house

My partner Pat has always dreamed of working for the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The Getty Center is one of the best known and most appealing stadiums in Los Angeles. The stadium offers the most particular views of the entire city and the most amazing architecture. When our partner got hired into a position at the Getty Center, she wanted to transfer to Los Angeles. We were living in San Fran at the time, so I knew all of us could not afford to transfer to Los Angeles. We looked for better real estate options, however all of us only had a few weeks to find something affordable and close to The Getty Center. I toil from the home, so that eliminated having to worry about one person’s job and location. Pat and I were absolutely unfamiliar with the towns around Los Angeles, however Pat found many stadiums for rent in a city called Tarzana. Tarzana was a nice stadium to live when Pat and I moved here 15 years ago, and since recreational marijuana was legalized, there have been any number of dispensaries open in the retail spaces near our home. Pat and I are terribly unhappy about this turn of events and suppose it will one afternoon impact our property value. The cannabis industry is booming, however it is having a big impact on our property value. No one wants to transfer close to the location of a cannabis shop. The most wonderful thing about living in Tarzana is the fact that the Getty Center is still only a short 30-minute drive. With gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, all of us will have to stay put.

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