Albuquerque is much more mild in summer I have learned

Living in the southwest has been full of ups and downs.

When I originally came out here for university, I landed in Phoenix, AZ.

For a boy who was used to chilly winters and mild summers, Phoenix was really brutal. Many summer time afternoons saw highs drift close to 110 degrees. And since the town is in the middle of the desert, there aren’t cool breezes or chilly temperature spells throughout the summer. I suffered in Phoenix for more than four years before I couldn’t take it any longer. You end up relying on a/c as much as you rely on water, although evaporative cooling is possible whenever the humidity level is below 50%. With this experience, moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico was surprising to me. I was shocked that summer time hot and cold temperatures rarely went over 95 degrees, even at their hottest moments. My outdated house on Lomas Boulevard was within view of the University of New Mexico, but it was also close enough to Old Town that I could get there on foot. It was in full sunshine with no natural shade of any kind, and I had no problems staying cool in the summer time with a quality window a/c. By the time I purchased our first house, I had access to a quality a/c that made it even more comfortable residing in this area. Albuquerque is by far our number one town in the southwest. Living in Phoenix felt adore torture and there weren’t any natural attractions comparable to Sandia Peak and the other mountains that wrap around Albuquerque to the west and to the east.

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