Avista Stadium in Spokane was above the bar

I have always loved sports from my high school days and even more now that I am a high school teacher and football trainer.

One of the things I struggled with was the substandard stadium that our school had.

It was better than nothing, but I still felt that there was a lot we could do to support the young talents we tried to nature. I expressed my disappointments to the school management, who took my grievances to the board. After a few rounds of such complaints, they were fed up with me and asked me to benchmark and come up with an idea of how I wanted the school stadium to look like since we had the space. I chose to visit the Avista Stadium in Spokane because it was one of the best by then, and it wasn’t too far from our school. It was in the middle of summer, and it was impossible to tell it when you were in the arena. The sitting area had air conditioners that ensured everyone was comfortable regardless of the weather situation. I knew that despite upgrading the sporting facility in our school stadium, having ACs in the sitting arena, and the locker rooms would be a game-changer for everyone. It would help build interest for both the players and spectators, and we could even host external matches at a cost. I floated the idea to the management and hoped they would implement it since I did not stay too long to see it take the route as I moved to become a professional trainer for already practicing athletes.


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