Last winter, my boyfriend took me to the Reitz Home Museum

My boyfriend and I were on a different mission than most visitors.

Many people enjoyed touring new locations in the summer.

The cities were always full of visitors from all over the world, which was quite strenuous. Most tours were known to rush people around, and you didn’t quite get the time to see certain places well. That’s why we came up with a plan to tour spots open throughout the year only. It meant we could tour certain museums and similar places in the winter instead of the summer months. Last winter, the city on our list was Evansville in Indiana. When we flew in, it was already winter, and snow was everywhere. That didn’t bother us so much because we had explored many other places in similar conditions. Rather than stay in a hotel, we booked a rental property that gave us the same feeling as home. The owner was waiting for us when we pulled up to the house and welcomed us. She showed the two of us around the house, and we felt her air conditioning was in excellent form to keep us warm during the stay. The homeowner left us with some information about Evansville in the winter and places we could grab a warm cup of excellent coffee. We stayed the rest of the day indoors and began our tour of the city the next day. We would have started the tour visiting gardens in summer, but nothing was alive in the cold weather. So, instead, we went to the museum. First on our list of open winter museums was Reitz Home Museum. The site of the building was excellent, and we ended up learning quite a lot. There weren’t many visitors so the tour guide could take us slowly through the different exhibitions.

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