Summer family fun at the Mackenize river

We had lived in Eugene, OG, for quite some time now since my parents relocated to start their new business.

The business back home was not thriving due to the stiff competition, and my parents had realized that a new town and accommodating space for their business would be perfect to start afresh.

They had done their research and realized that Eugene was not flooded with the business they ran, so it was a safe landing space which is why we moved. I was familiar with most places, and we had also heard a lot about how fun it was at the McKenzie River. Unfortunately, we moved here when the weather was not very friendly, and we were also too busy trying to settle down that we decided to give it time. However, this summer, my parents felt it was time to take that trip. I was in college and therefore legally allowed to enjoy a few excesses that my siblings couldn’t. I had been dying to try a few cannabis strains sold in the cannabis dispensaries near home but needed an excuse to do it. My parents didn’t mind it, but they asked why I was smoking cannabis in the house. I knew how much fun and how tiring it would be after the summer trip, so I planned to have a quiet moment in my room afterward when everyone was asleep. Fortunately, cannabis was legal, and no one would raise the alarm even if I chose to smoke outside. The day’s events at the McKenzie river were unforgettable, and we got to make some beautiful family memories too.

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