The ruins of Sutro Baths are a really cool place to visit

The Sutro Baths were built in the 1880s by a German engineer.

They were an architectural wonder of their times and extremely popular with people in the San Francisco area.

There was once an ice rink, museum, and bleacher seating in the arena for more than 3,000 spectators. The remains of the Sutro Baths are owned today by the National Park Service in California. The place mysteriously burnt down to the ground in the 1960’s. You can still see much of the ruins and there are a number of diving areas near the seawall. My girlfriend and I visited the Sutro Baths a few weeks ago and we stopped at a recreational cannabis dispensary on our way to San Francisco. Since we were spending the day outside at the beach, it seemed like the perfect day to enjoy recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is legal in the entire state and San Francisco has a ton of recreational cannabis shops. It was easy to find somewhere close to the interstate, so we didn’t have to deviate far from our route. We picked out a couple of different things to try that day, including some really yummy edible cannabis treats that tasted like peaches. They were kind of sweet with a little bit of tang. They tasted better than most of the gummy candy that you buy in the grocery store and it was hard to tell that they were infused with cannabis. The day at the ruins was filled with a lot of great memories and I’m glad we decided to take a bunch of pictures. After smoking a whole joint, I didn’t remember some of the morning activities.

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