What is Buffalo NY Really Like?

Have you ever wondered what Buffalo New York is really like? Maybe people discount ever living in Buffalo because of the obviously harsh Winters that happen every year. However, the blizzards are not the only thing that matters when it comes to Buffalo. Buffalo gets so cold in the winter because it sits on the edge of Lake Erie and along the border of Canada. In other words, it is very far north. Despite that, living in Buffalo can be amazing. All you need to really be happy in Buffalo is a good strong home with a good strong furnace. Most people have oil furnaces, although many people are starting to look for improved HVAC technology that will allow more earth-friendly kinds of furnaces. For the most part, though, oil furnaces are still the most popular. Summers in Buffalo are absolutely gorgeous. There are lots of flowers everywhere oh, and people really enjoy getting outside and doing warm-weather activities. Obviously, the huge lake is nearby and so water activities are abundant. During the winter, cold weather activities include building snowmen, ice skating on the many ponds and lakes around, Going sledding down lots of hills, and cross country skiing. As long as you have a cozy fire and an efficient heating system to go home too, nobody dislikes these beautiful winter activities. In addition to activities that are enjoyable in the Buffalo area, education is also important. There are an abundance of private schools, fabulous public schools, and numerous institutions of higher education. They include both traditional colleges and universities as well as career centered or trades centered schools.Neighbors tend to have similar values, and most are Catholic. There is a strong sense of community among most buffalonians oh, and let’s not forget that there are about a million places to go and get the world’s best buffalo wings before or after a football game.


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