You can’t come to Santa Barbara and not spend time at the Santa Barbara zoo

My sister and I had not seen each other in a long time. But despite the distance, we spoke often. We grew up as only kids to a single dad and were quite close. But after college, I found work in Santa Barbara, and she got married. However, despite our distance, we never lost touch. Last summer, her kids wanted to come down to Santa Barbara to collect. I had promised them over Christmas that I would show them a time of their lives if they ever managed to get to the city. I had no choice but to pay my debt when my sister announced they were on their way. I only had a week to get my house to host about 5 people. The kids were so happy when they got to Santa Barbara, and so was my sister. I wanted her to kick her shoes off and relax while taking care of my nieces and nephews. My sister was determined to relax, so she went to a weed dispensary and got some tasty edibles. She knew pot is legal in the state of California. My first day with the kids was spent at the Santa Barbara Zoo. The zoo was set on 30 acres and quite compact, but we still got to see lots of exotic and local animals. We had so many experiences, including feeding the giraffes, which was the highlight of their day. In addition, we got to see different animal species and take part in a guided tour. I never heard even once from my sister because she knew the kids would be fine. I laughed out loud, knowing she was probably dancing around the house with a wine glass in her hand.



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