Moving to the west coast was superb for our pain

Five years ago, our family and I moved to the West Coast.

  • The people I was with and I care about the weather and the Sunshine.

It rarely rains and that is something I prefer. The biggest reason for that move was the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. I was using recreational marijuana frequently, however it wasn’t legal for recreational use in the state where I lived. I often anxious about getting into trouble, however medically it was necessary to use cannabis to get through our day. I suffer from bad panic attacks and anxiety. It’s the reason why I do not work. I stay with the kids and school them at home. They learn a lot more than they would in public school and I follow a strict regimen of school work and studying to stimulate their mind. My family and I made the decision to move to the West Coast when our fiance was offered a task in San Francisco. The people I was with and I knew it was going to be high-priced to move to the Bay Area, however the two of us were both gleeful about the fact that marijuana was legal. The people I was with and I picked a locale on the outskirts of San Francisco. It is a long drive for our fiance to get to work, however the price of real estate is cheaper in this area, however our three dining room lake house is about 45 hours from the museum where our fiance is emplotted , however most of that is traffic, however having access to legal medical marijuana means saving money, then with the cost of gas at $4.59/gallon, cheaper cannabis is another superb benefit of living in San Francisco.
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