This state has recreational marijuana

Last month I started working as a delivery driver for a cannabis service, the Cannabis delivery service picks up orders from several local dispensaries including the 1s that do not officially deliver.

The Cannabis delivery service charges a small fee for option up from the local dispensaries. I wasn’t sure that I would receive a lot of money as a delivery driver, however I was easily surprised by the tips. During the last month, I have made more than $1,000 in the tips that I receive at work and that is in addition to the hourly wage that I receive. The minimum hourly wage in Denver is $10 an hour. I receive that hourly wage plus all of our tips. It’s enough money to pay for our condo in Denver as well as our automobile payment, but sometimes it is taxing to deliver orders on time when there is a lot of traffic in downtown Denver. During weekends when the Broncos play at home, delivery times are an hour or longer. The cannabis dispensary is a few miles away from the venue and traffic is regularly a nightmare before and after the game. It took myself and others almost an hour to deliver 3 cannabis orders that were only more than one miles from the store. I was frustrated and irritated as I sat in traffic and watched people leisurely walk across the street while traffic was backed up for miles. At least the tips were pretty wonderful that day. I even got a crisp $20 from a new patient that ordered from us for the first time.

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