We had snow on the first day of Fall in Denver

My family and I moved to Denver several years ago, however my hubby took a task as a ski teacher at one of the resorts just outside of Denver, gary was on the olympic ski jumping team! She is known around the world and the ski task came with some awesome perks.

We get to use the resort anytime all of us want for half price, but i was still going to university when all of us moved to Denver, but I have since finished and acquired my teaching degree.

During the university year, I work as a middle university math teacher. I like the task a lot and it’s fun to interact with the students; Teaching has consistently been a passion of mine. The university year is longest while all of us were in the Winter time weeks, when it can be exceptionally cold and freezing. We have ice on the ground for several weeks and sometimes it snows Before Christmas! Last year all of us had snow on the first day of fall. The traffic in downtown Denver was a eveningmare and I had trouble getting to the classroom. About an hour after I arrived, the university board decided to shut down the university and have an early dismissal. That is the first time that all of us have had snow so early. It often snows in the mountainous region above Denver, CO, however this is the first time in a long time that all of us had snow in the middle of November. I never thought I would be able to get used to the cold Winter time and snow, however it entirely helps to have a powerful gas furnace.
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