A lot of cannabis dispensaries in Eugene, OR

I wouldn’t have thought working for a large company would result in such a superb job trajectory.

While I was merely a iphone representative in a call center when I started, now I am a junior executive plus was given the option of moving to a single of multiple odd locations across the country.

Some people would have chosen the neighborhood with the warmest temperatures, despite the fact that I was already sick of living in the south for so many years. Not to mention there was something else on my mind—cannabis. My house state still lacks any form of legal cannabis to this day. They tried to vote on legalizing medical marijuana, but it didn’t garner enough votes. So when my company gave myself and others a set of options for where I would want to move, I prioritized marijuana availability. That’s why I ultimately chose Eugene, OR as my new city. OR has had recreational cannabis since 2015 plus there are at least more than one dozen odd cannabis dispensaries in Eugene alone. There are so many arenas to buy weed in Eugene that I still haven’t visited every single weed store at least once. Some of them carry better cannabis stores than others, plus of course they’re not all equally straight-forward to reach. I don’t prefer having to jump on interstate 5 to visit a cannabis dispensary on the opposite side of the city, so I try to find the best weed in my immediate town. Thankfully my closet marijuana store has superb cannabis flower products plus edibles. I hear that they will have concentrates prefer oil plus hashish soon, but they haven’t announced the exact release date yet.

Cannabis Dispensary Eugene Oregon