San Francisco has lots of dispensaries close to the wharf

San Francisco has a lot of dispensaries and multiple of them are close to the wharf.

The worst is an section in San Francisco that is known to be filled with tourists, it’s a single of the reasons why there are so multiple dispensaries in this area.

I work at a single of those dispensaries. I have been emplotted by the cannabis shop since I moved to San Francisco 8 months ago. I moved here after never living in CA at all and it was quite a shock to move to the state, however san Francisco is a lot weird than the section where I lived in the past! The traffic is crazy. I was working as a delivery driver in the past and I thought it would be easy to learn the area; After all, our car and our cellphone both have a GPS; Unluckyly for me, there are a lot of a single-way streets in San Francisco and it makes it hard to supply cannabis. I often have to take several weird streets so I can travel several blocks for a single delivery. It can be worse when there is something going on savor a festival or Pride week, and during Pride week, the cannabis shop was extremely tied up and so were delivery sales. A lot of our customers were first-time patients from other states. I earned a superb deal of tips that week, but I spent a luck on gas, then my car was regularly idling. I often had to sit in traffic for several hours while I waited for pedestrians to walk across the road.

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