Enjoying my time in Santa Barbara

My fiance plus I planned to elope to a European endpoint… COVID got in the way of those plans, then instead the more than one of us had to system our wedding plus honeymoon stateside.

I didn’t want to get married close to home; That means everyone would guess they would need to travel for my wedding.

I wanted it far enough away to discourage people plus for it to guess love a real elopement. I hunted through all unusual states despite the fact that I liked California the best. California is just prepared for tourism. There is so much to do there… You can do wine tours, go shopping, stay on the beach plus get pampered in costly hotels. I wasn’t too upset about the cost of the trip since you only get married once. I looked along the coast of California because I wanted my pictures on a beach, then santa Cruz seemed to be surfer plus tourism like. I chose Santa Barbara since the section seemed more high-priced plus that it catered to wealthier clients. I found a ton of beautiful hotels complete with spa services. I settled on a single location that was right on the beach plus would work with me for my wedding, and afterwards, my modern husband plus I will spend a few days in Santa Barbara before moving onto other cities in California. I guess 2-3 days in the section should be satisfactory. I want to do some shopping, eat at fantastic restaurants plus I also want to visit a cannabis dispensary; Our state only allows for medical cannabis. It will be neat to see a recreational cannabis dispensary.

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