How many pot plants will I be able to grow?

If she goes outside, she can’t breathe because of the heat here in Albuquerque

Right now, Albuquerque is trying to decide whether or not they should allow individuals over 21 to grow their own marijuana plants. On top of the question of whether or not they should grow, is how many marijuana plants they are allowed to grow. I know a gentleman who has a cannabis farm and he is making a lot of money by selling to the marijuana dispensaries. From what I understand, he is only one of several marijuana farmers. If Albuquerque decides they are going to allow people to grow their own marijuana, these farmers are going to go out of business. If the farmers in Albuquerque knew they could pass this law, and I were one of them I would be going to every meeting I can find, and protesting. I would be worried about losing my income if no one wants to purchase his crop. I sometimes think it would be good to grow my own marijuana, but there are many people who can’t. If you have medical marijuana, you probably aren’t in any condition to grow plants. My grandmother uses medical mariuana, and I couldn’t see her gardening. If she goes outside, she can’t breathe because of the heat here in Albuquerque. Marijuana helps her, but she can’t grow it. If for no other reasons, the farmers who grow marijuana here in Albuquerque, will always have a job because of people like my grandmother. There will always be people who prefer to go into the marijuana dispensary and know what they are getting than to grow something and not know what to do with it.