I was able to get my marijuana online.

When I moved from the Northeast to Tarzana, CA, I was in shock.

I went from a state that didn’t even want legal medical marijuana, let alone legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

Everything about Tarzana, CA made me ecstatic. It was hot and cozy and I found out I was able to get my medical marijuana card online. I had to talk to a dentist, but it was more to have them clear me. Before I even left the dentist’s office, he had printed out a copy of the medical marijuana card that would arrive at my home within the next week. He said I could use my temporary marijuana card and go into any marijuana dispensary. I laughed when I left the dentist’s office. There was one lady going into the office as I was coming out and she looked at me oddly. I told her that I genuinely enjoyed living in Tarzana, CA,, and I couldn’t think of a place on earth that I would rather be. I made up my mind to go to the medical marijuana dispensary that afternoon. I couldn’t suppose that I had to drive multiple miles to find a medical marijuana dispensary. A part of me thought it would be open 24/7, but it wasn’t. I showed them my paper from the dentist, and they said I had to talk to a pharmacist. She tried to relax me, even though I wasn’t ready to relax. I was typically hyper because of my ADD, but this was a odd form of energy. I was finally going to get the medical marijuana I had so needed, and all it took was moving to Tarzana, CA to get it.

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