I’m using my air conditioner daily now after moving to Cocoa, FL

Living up north for so many years had me used to insanely cold winters and mostly mild summers.

Aside from mosquitos and black flies, I really enjoyed the summer in the north during the three decades of my life spent living there.

However, my wife was accepted into a prestigious graduate school and I was eager to follow her to this new city. All I knew is that we would be going to a city near the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Florida. Just the idea of moving to Florida, regardless of the exact location, sounded like a great idea to me. I heard there is great freshwater fishing in the area in addition to the saltwater options along the coastlines. When we arrived, I wasted no time exploring the area. I drove down State Road 524 until I arrived to State Road 520; I took a right turn and headed east until I was in the F. Burton Smith Regional Park. The best part of the experience was renting a kayak along St. Johns River and rowing into Lake Poinsett. When I got home from my outdoor excursion just east of our condominium in Cocoa, Florida, I was tired and overheated. The first thing I did when we walked through the front door was adjust the thermostat. We have it programmed to 77 degrees during the afternoon hours, so I went ahead and liberally dropped it to 73 degrees. In a few minutes I could already feel the cold air circulating through our condominium. I laid down on the couch to watch TV but I passed out before I could even turn it on at all. The air conditioner made the air so pleasant inside that I slept for an hour before realizing what had happened.


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