Is it expensive to purchase pot in Albuquerque?

I had a friend of mine ask me if purchasing pot in Albuquerque is expensive? I just looked at him.

I thought he had already had too much if he was asking this.

I told him that it was probably close to the same price in ALbuquerque, as it is in his area. I knew he was in a different area of New Mexico, but I would think their prices are all the same. That’s when he told me that his city makes their rules and Albuquerque makes their own. I don’t even know what the price of marijuana is in our area? I have lived in Albuquerque my entire life, and I have never smoked marijuana so I have never gone into a dispensary. He was really upset about how expensive marijuana was in his town. It was all he talked about while we were on the phone. There were no questions about the upcoming River of Lights. He usually wants to know if the Albuquerque council is going to hire him again this year, to help with the electrical connections for the lights. The fact that he was obsessing over the price of marijuana in Albuquerque or Nob Hill, had me a bit puzzled. Nob Hill is a part of Albuquerque. I’m wondering if I should even inquire if he was going to be the electrician the town council is using for the River of Lights? If he is using marijuana, maybe he isn’t the right person to use, but I don’t want to be the one to ask questions. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.



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