Recreational pot is a good draw for some people.

It seems that we have a lot more tourists in Albuquerque than we have ever had.

I believe that the draw for some of these people is that we have legal recreational pot in our city.

A lot of younger kids come into Albuquerque and go right to the dispensary. I can imagine them out in the desert having fun and smoking. We still don’t allow people to smoke pot openly, because we want to maintain our family feel. We don’t want to discourage those under thirty from feeling comfortable enough to come to Albuquerque and buy their marijuana supplies. Albuquerque, is settled at the base of the Sandia Mountains. These mountains form a natural direction finder if you are heading east. To the west of the city is the desert. You can see the volcanoes in the distance, and it is quite an awesome sight to see. I’m sure that if we sniffed hard enough, we could tell if the marijuana is coming from the desert or the mountain. Another good thing about Albuquerque is their Balloon festival. Since they now legalized recreational marijuana, I’m sure the Balloon festival will have a lot of people walking around, who are high. People aren’t to be smoking marijuana while in public, but I’m not so sure that is going to be enforced when there are so many people around. If I see people smoking in public, I will need to make sure to keep my kids close and watch them more than usual. I love Albuquerque, but I’m not so sure about the new marijuana laws.