Trip to Chicago and we stayed outside the city

My mother and I booked a trip to Chicago, Illinois because one of our favorite musicians was playing there.

The two of us looked around Chicago and saw there was lots to do there.

Since we had the time, we decided to make it a long weekend. When it came time to book hotels I realized I didn’t want us in the city. I didn’t want to deal with sketchy people at night or have expensive hotels. I started looking around for reasonably priced places outside of the city. I found that Orland Park is just about 40 minutes away and is a nice little area. The location is quiet, friendly and there is tons to do there. The two of us decided to rent an AirBnB in Orland Park for three days and then just drive in and out of Chicago. We ended up saving money even though we rented a car. We didn’t have to eat expensive meals in the city and pay the added hotel fees they like to throw on top. One of our days was spent in the local park in the area. The weather was just perfect for a fall day. It was cool enough not to require AC on the drive there and just warm enough that we weren’t shivering. The fall season I think was the smartest time to come to the area. The weather was in the 70s each day we were there. Our rental had a HVAC unit and thermostat, but my mother and I never touched it.

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