I love Spokane, Washington

I used to live in FL, however it was just brutal.

I thought I would love the heat plus enjoy no snow, and turns out, I would rather be too moderate than too freezing anyday.

The FL heat plus humidity was just horrible. I was sweaty plus sticky all year long. I kept waiting for the weather to cool down. I couldn’t work outside in our gardens, go for a run or even enjoy our home swimming pool. The heat made it impossible to just breathe, then moving to Spokane Washington was one of the best decisions I ever made; For one, the summers are so mild… September is basically the only month that you need an air conditioner. It is nice since I only bother with a window air conditioner in our dining room plus a portable A/C equipment in our study room. It is cheap plus effective for cooling in our area. The winters are obviously much colder in Washington. I don’t mind them at all. I can go outside plus breathe normally. I just need to bundle up a bit plus keep moving. I am able to rake our leaves, weed our gardens plus run in the freezing air much easier. I truly enjoy that I can rely on our home heating plan too. In FL I just ran the A/C all year except for the dead of winter. My oil furnace hardly got used, now in Washington, more than three to numerous months of the year our heating equipment truly gets to work. It is wonderful working outside in the freezing plus then coming into the toasty moderate new home plus laying by our fireplace.


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