Opposite of a snowbird

When you get older regularly you move south as well as get a beach house, and you then are called a snowbird.

You stay in your cooler area half the year as well as then go south when it gets cool, however my spouse as well as I are the opposite, however what are the two of us then? Beach birds? The several of us have never liked heat, and our kids moved south like 100 years ago as well as the two of us followed, however the two of us stick around as long as the two of us can to help our kids as well as babysit the grandkids, then after a bit though, the two of us need to get away from the heat.

The several of us particularly have a home in Libertyville Illinois. The two of us have a couple of friends that live there as well as the several of us have regularly liked Illinois. There are plenty of things I like to do doing for senior citizens. Tons of bus trips get arranged to see the state as well as periodically go to the casino. The several of us very stick around for the weather, but it is nice getting to experience the actual cold. The two of us have regularly appreciated snow as well. The two of us don’t very go outside too much so why would ice as well as windchill bother us? As long as the two of us have superb heating, there isn’t a concern at all. My spouse got the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier to install a gas fireplace in the study room as well as then the two of us have our own electric gas furnace in the study room for added warmth if need be. It works perfectly as well as looks very nice. There is something so soothing about drinking hot chocolate, kneeling by a fire as well as watching the snow outdoors.

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