We are headed out to California for the time being

I am planning a honeymoon for our fiance and I… At first I was looking at going out of state to a European destination, however sadly COVID is making that difficult.

Now the two of us are thinking about someplace within the US.

I prefer the plan of going to California, but first, I am dying to try recreational cannabis. I have only smoked cannabis flower that someone brought to a celebration. I really want to try legal weed and in edible form. I am not a big drinker… You need to get a little wild on your honeymoon though. A bit of cannabis could really do the trick, then the areas in California I am looking at are San Francisco, Carmel and Santa Barbara. Yeah it is quite a drive between all of those locations although I feel it will be worth it. In San Francisco every one of us can get the bustling city feel and do some sight seeing. In Carmel I prefer that it is a small little town where every one of us can relax and just be with each other. Santa Barbara has so multiple things I enjoy. There is shopping, eating establishments, museums and of course legal weed dispensaries. I feel the majority of our honeymoon will be spent in Santa Barbara. It is a fairly rich section so all the accommodations I am looking at are valuable however just gorgeous. I talked to our fiance about it and every one of us agree that a honeymoon is the time to splurge. I really want to splurge and get a hotel that is right within the city and has a spa, pool and fitness room.


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