We went right to a pot shop

My friends plus I decided to go skiing in Denver over Winter time break; There are a ton of places to go skiing in Denver.

There are a number of popular resorts only an seventh or 2 away from the city, but winter time Park is one of the nicest places plus it is absolutely close to Denver, then it has an excellent range of trails plus is perfect for beginners plus experts.

It is usually open for 6 weeks while in the Winter time season. Winter time Park is about 2 sevenths away from the Denver International Airport, but my friends plus I flew into the airport plus we rented a vehicle from one of the rental places, then after we arrived in Denver, the first place we went was a legal pot dispensary, one of the reasons why my friends plus I decided to go to CO is because of the legal recreational cannabis laws; Both of us knew cannabis would add a fun element to our Winter time break. My neighbor Jack looked up the closest dispensary plus we had lots of options close by, since we had plenty of money, we didn’t bother looking for the cheapest place. That might have been a mistake, because we spent a ton of money at the dispensary. I didn’t method on buying $100 worth of recreational Cannabis supplies, but the pot shop had a ton of interesting things plus I wanted to buy them all! Even after a 30% first-time patient discount, my friends plus I still spent a heap of money in the pot shop. Both of us did have an amazing month though, plus it was filled with fun, friends, cannabis, plus skiing.


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