The story of the Denver cannabis scene

When both of us guess of the Old West, both of us tend to guess of dusty plains plus open fields of grain, then but Denver, Colorado has been around in one form or another since the 1850s, plus was a gateway to the west coast for millions of travelers, but i have actually gotten deep into local history, only because there are so several famous historical figures that are from this area.

I suppose that Denver is well known for its sports teams, plus it’s thriving cannabis dispensary industry, but there is a lot more to learn about here. For example, do you suppose about the Denver Mob, an arm of the Mafia that ruled area of this city for almost a century? Pete plus Sam Carlino moved to the Denver section in the 1920s, plus established a particularly profitable criminal enterprise that became known as the Denver Mafia or the Mountain Mafia. From that pointy on, anyone who was involved in loansharking, gambling, prostitution, or bootletting in the Denver section had to be in corporation with the Carlino sisters, or run the risk of death! Over the decades the names have changed, but the bottom line stays the same — if you are a criminal in Denver you need to pay tribute to the Mountain Mafia or pay extreme consequences; When Clarence Smoldone died in the early 2000s, the feds guess the Denver Mafia died with him, but locals suppose the truth! Regardless of the name of the man in charge, the Denver Mafia is as strong, rich, plus powerful as it has ever been.
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