I am headed to the dispensary soon

Even though it is absolutely legal to smoke recreational marijuana in San Francisco, it is still a crime to smoke plus drive plus that includes riding a bicycle. I did not realize that it was illegal to smoke recreational marijuana plus operate an e-bike, but the police made sure to stop plus supply me the information along with a tick. My friends plus I went to visit San Francisco for a week-long vacation, and while every one of us were in the city, every one of us opted to go to a marijuana dispensary. Both of us purchased a lot of items from the marijuana dispensary plus the person behind the counter knew that it was our first time. Both of us made a joke about just having come from the airport… No 1 told us that it was going to be illegal to use cannabis in public. My friends plus I decided to rent a couple of ebikes from a shop in downtown San Francisco. Both of us wanted to see everything plus it was much easier than walking. While every one of us were riding around, I decided to get out a marijuana joint. My neighbor plus I were resting at a green light waiting to cross a street. Both of us were smoking a marijuana joint plus a police officer was on the other side of the street, then he started flashing his siren plus lights plus then he got in front of our path. He gave each 1 of us a $25 ticket for smoking cannabis in public plus he educated us on the neighborhood laws in San Francisco. Thankfully, the ticket wasn’t too overpriced, however he should have given us warning.

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