I take the metro from home to work every day

It was a very cold ride to work that morning.

There are a lot of ways to get to Chicago from Orland Park. A lot of my friends Drive their cars and trucks. A couple of people take the bus, but I prefer to take the metro station. The metro station is three blocks away from my apartment and I can travel from Orland Park to Chicago in a very vast amount of time. Even though the metro station makes a couple of stops, I still think it is much faster then taking a car or truck. Taking the metro from Orland Park to Chicago is also cheaper than driving a car and paying for gas, oil, upkeep, and repairs. I’ve been taking the metro for the past six months, but there was an issue for the first time last weekend. It’s been getting a lot colder since the fall began. I think it will snow in November this year. I was on my way to work and the heat on the metro car was not working. I traveled between several of the cars and there was no heat anywhere. It was a very cold ride to work that morning. I didn’t wear a hat, and my ears and face were freezing cold by the time I arrived at work. I was happily surprised at the end of the day when the heating problem was fixed. I was dreading riding back home in the cold, without any sunlight at all. Luckily, the ride home from work was much warmer and more comfortable than the 40 minutes I spent on the train earlier that morning.

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