The summers are fairly warm in Evansville despite being in the northern midwest

I love living in the northern midwest, even if the winters are colder here than they were down south where my wife’s family lives.

  • Although I’ve been in Evansville, Indiana since I met my wife here a few years ago, I used to live in Ann Arbor, Michigan to the northeast of here.

My dad lives in Jackson, Michigan after moving from Chelsea. One thing that both Michigan and Indiana share are surprisingly warm summers. You’d think that places with subarctic winter lows would have equally cold summers compared to the rest of the United States, but that isn’t always the case. The pacific northwest was hit with record-breaking highs at the beginning of the summer this year. I heard that almost 100 people died in this area as temperatures reached 115 degrees for the first time in recorded history. People in Portland scrambled to get whatever air conditioners that were still left, but many couldn’t get one. In Evansville we got up to 107 degrees for a few days and it was absolutely miserable! Luckily I have an air conditioner in my house so I survived this year’s summer heat waves, but my neighbors weren’t so lucky. Just like the residents of Portland, my neighbors couldn’t get an air conditioner when they started calling around as temperatures kept rising day after day. They ended up getting a portable air conditioner from an HVAC company next to the Target past Ivy Tech Community College of Evansville. It was the last portable air conditioner of the lot and my neighbors were extremely lucky to get it with the demand for air conditioning growing in the city.

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