We are a winter sport family

I don’t mind bundling up for the cold.

My whole family is a big time hockey family. In our area of Libertyville Illionios, it is easy to get into hockey. It is cold just about all year. Playing hockey comes naturally with the cold. My kids have two teams. They have a team they play on during the school year and a travel hockey team over the summer. They of course don’t play on the same teams either. So I am constantly washing and organizing different jerseys. My husband and I have a color coded calendar to try and organize who is going where. When people hear where I live, everyone thinks I must hate the cold. For our lifestyle, it is perfect. We have a backyard pond that freezes from time to time. My kids and I all go out there and skate for a bit. When it snows the whole family makes snow angels, fights with snow balls and makes snow men. The kids have friends that all get together to go skiing, snow tubing or snowboarding. The winter sport and cold is just what we are used to and love. I can’t imagine going surfing or to the beach. Our beach is the ice rink. I don’t mind bundling up for the cold. I really don’t mind that my AC system is more of a decorative piece. It is more about heating and the winter season. I could never move further south where it gets into the 90s and sometimes 100 degrees. How do those people survive? The heat would just kill me.


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