We took a trip to the beach for the day

I love going to the beach, especially on a day when it is very warm and sunny.

There are a lot of nice beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stinson Beach is one that I have loved since I was a child. Stinson Beach is one of the access points to go to Point Raise National Seashore. Stinson Beach is in Marin County and very close to San Francisco. In fact, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Point Reyes National Seashore are both part of the same system and fault line. Stinson Beach is a couple of miles south of Bolinas. Bolinas has a nice beach as well and is home to the Duxbury Reef. My friends and I went down there early in the morning on Saturday, so we could check out all of the tide pools. We planned to spend all day at the beach, so we parked lots of marijuana supplies, water, and food. We didn’t want to run out of any of these important things. We knew it was going to be very warm and water was necessary. We knew that lunch time would make us hungry and food like hummus, vegetables, and peanut butter sandwiches would give us lots of energy for the rest of the day. I brought an entire quarter of marijuana from a dispensary in the city. I planned to smoke the marijuana with a bowl, but it was windy that day. Thankfully one of my friends brought a disposable marijuana vape pen. We didn’t need to light the bowl or worry about the wind because it was electric.



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