The sand of Santa Barbara are absolutely stunning

Santa Barbara is a town located on the west coast in the state of California; The town is just west of the Santa Ynez mountains.

The town is a sizable endpoint for tourists.

The town has a absolutely hot climate while in the summer… During the Wintertide months, Santa Barbara is 1 of the nicest cities in the state, last Wintertide our spouse as well as I decided to go to the beaches in Santa Barbara. Every one of us stayed at a resort near Shoreline Park, then my spouse as well as I visited a couple of places in Santa Barbara while the two of us were there, but one of those places was the Old Mission. This 18th century Spanish mission is filled with artifacts as well as art from the time period. Before our spouse as well as I went to the Old Mission, the two of us decided to smoke a marijuana joint. Marijuana is legal for use in the entire State of California, but santa Barbara only had 1 dispensary, but a short Drive South would have yielded cheaper products as well as more selection. My spouse as well as I smoked a marijuana joint before going to the mission. Every one of us were almost transformed back to the time period, but after the two of us were finished in the mission, the two of us chose to go to the beach for a couple of hours. Every one of us had private access to the beach from our Santa Barbara Hotel! It was too chilly to swim in the water, but the two of us took a lot of pictures when the sun was coming up in the day. The view from the beach was absolutely stunning as well as breathtaking. Our trip to the coast was a lot of fun as well as absolutely relaxing.


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