The campground meeting center had a firepit that was cozy and warm

My co-workers and I were sent to a retreat for work. A modern management corporation took over the operations and they felt the retreat was necessary. They wanted everyone in the corporation to be on the same page moving forward. A lot of us were unhappy about the corporate takeover. The retreat was supposed to make us a stronger team. I didn’t want to travel all the way to Denver in the middle of November. I thought we would spend our time chilly. I told my wifey to come up with an excuse, although she didn’t want to get involved. When I found out that my co-workers and I would be staying at a campground, I was sad to say the best. All of us had more than five people in each chalet. The chalet was equipped with a small radiant heater, more than five bunk type beds, and a small bathroom with a sink and toilet. The entire retreat was set up care about a campground from the 1977s. All of us had matching shirts and shorts and we spent the day enjoying outdoor activities care about canoeing, hiking, and arts and crafts. The campground meeting center had a fire pit. There were a couple of cold and chilly afternoons in Denver, but my co-workers and I appreciated sitting around the fire pit when the sunlight went down. I l acquired a lot of interesting facts about my co-workers. And I suppose the team building exercises were really a huge success. I’m not sure I would have selected Denver for the location of the retreat, but it worked out well and the weather was not a factor at all.

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