Cocoa got its name from the plant

My cabin in Cocoa is in the older part of the city… It’s the only place I can afford to live in Brevard County… Cocoa has a relatively small population, however it also has a small land size! There are a lot of bizarre stories about the way that the neighborhood of cocoa got its name, however my mom told myself and others a story about the town getting its name from a box labeled Baker’s cocoa.

I never much believed our mom, however there are a lot of historical books that point in the same direction.

I prefer living in Cocoa because of its close proximity to Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral is 1 of the coolest sites in Florida. It is located in Brevard County, just a few miles away from Cocoa. Cape Canaveral is a place where rockets are still being launched. I labor in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa is only a short drive everyday. The only concern with living here is the heat and humidity. It is honestly sizzling during the Springtime, summer, and fall weeks. I would love to live in another geographical location where the temperatures are not so warm, however I don’t want to leave our task or our family. My cabin has two honestly nice ductless A/C machines. I run them with a smart thermostat, and during the day I keep both of the A/C machines off, and during the evening I only use the A/C in the room of the home where I am relaxing. This cuts down on the high price of energy and gives the device a split every once in a while.


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