Taking a tour around Denver

I decided to acbusiness my son on a field trip to the town of Denver.

The people I was with and I live in Boulder, but that is truly close to Denver.

The university planned a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is a huge building with thoUSnds of collections and historical artifacts, however while all of us were at the Museum, all of us saw a show at the gates planetarium. All of the students were seated in the building at the same time and all of us saw a 3D show about the galaxy and our solar system. The field trip was going well until all of us decided to go to the Planetarium. There were many other people inside the building with the students. A group of adults were seated a few reow behind our group and they were being rowdy and loud; Someone was also smoking marijuana in the building. They might not have been burning a joint, however I could smell marijuana a few rows behind us. It’s tough to police marijuana use around the city, especially since Denver has legalized recreational and medical marijuana. I do not guess that is the genre of product that should be used around youngsters. After the show, I complained to the event coordinator about the foul odor. She promised to check the security cameras, however I doubt they will apprehend the subject. I do not guess they cared much after all of us left the building and the show was over. The view on marijuan has changed since it was legalized… Nobody thinks it is a problem anymore, however I guess it’s out of control.

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