Albuquerque has the best weed in the southwest

The state of New Mexico legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in the year 2021.

A lot of things changed in Albuquerque when the state finally legalized the sale of recreational marijuana.

Several dispensaries seemed to open up overnight. One of those shops is located in Albuquerque right across the street from my bakery. When I went to the bakery to pick up things on Saturday, I noticed the marijuana shop was open. I decided to walk inside of the dispensary before I picked up my items from the bakery. I was very surprised by everything inside of that building. It looks like a gas station or convenience store. All of the walls of the store were lined with candy, treats, and recreational Cannabis supplies. It honestly looks like a candy store. I browsed the selection for a couple of minutes and someone asked if they could help me pick something out. I decided to get a small package of edible cannabis treats. I picked up my mom from the bakery and went back home. Later that day my husband and I were sitting outside with a glass of wine and I showed him the package of recreational marijuana. We decided to each have one of the 10 mg candies. We waited about 20 minutes and still did not feel anything, so we took a second dose. After twenty additional minutes, I barely felt my arms or legs and it felt like I was floating on air. Albuquerque has to have the best weed in the Southwest.


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