I fell in love with the city of Tampa

When I was 12 years old, my aunt and uncle moved to Tampa, Florida.

I was sad, because they moved 1000 miles away from our family.

It was my favorite aunt and uncle and I missed them a great deal. A few Summers after they moved to Florida, I decided to visit. I went to Tampa and stayed with them for a month. The first thing I noticed was the hot and humid temperatures. It was extremely warm and sunny. My aunt and uncle ran the air conditioner all day and all night and it was still very warm and muggy in the house. While I was visiting, my aunt took me to a lot of different places. We visited the Tampa Museum of Art and the Florida aquarium. Both of these places are close to each other, so we decided to see them on the same day. My aunt took me on a boat and we went all over the Hillsborough Bay. We caught some fish and we even found a couple of scallops in the water. I absolutely fell in love with the city of Tampa on my very first trip to the area. After I finished high school, I decided to move to Tampa. Living in the city is a lot different than visiting. When you have to deal with that heat and humidity everyday and pay for the expensive AC bills, the city loses some of its wonderful appeal. I don’t regret my decision to move, but I do wish it was milder during the summer days.

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