I settled down in Seattle

I spent four years working as a weed buyer for a major dispensary chain.

Let me quickly explain what that means. A major dispensary chain constantly needs new distributors and sellers to keep the supply chain active. We don’t grow our own, we deal with growers who sell us large quantities of their marijuana strains, which the dispensary then ships across the country to it’s storefront. I would taste these new strains, evaluate them, and then give my recommendation on how much we should buy. Well, over those four years I found myself flying into Seattle, Washington so often that eventually I decided to stick around and make it my home. Let me be clear, I didn’t move to Seattle because of the weed. With my job, I could still get Seattle cannabis no matter where I was living. I moved here because this city is amazing, and even when I was passing through it felt like home. It doesn’t hurt that I like the rain, because although it can’t rain all the time, it pours in the Seattle area almost 180 days a year. Some people don’t like the dismal gray skies but I like them just fine, and I feel that they give Seattle a character that other cities lack. I still work in the weed industry, but my days of being on the road are done, and I am a full time Seattle boy now. Between the weather, the weed, the live music, and the incredible landscapes in every direction, I can’t imagine living anywhere but Seattle, Washington.



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