It's cold in Illinois

My fiance & I met in college along the Gulf Coast in the deep south.

He was from Gary, Illinois while I was raised in many cities along the Florida-GA borderline.

I never considered possibly moving up north with him if both of us got married & he needed to relocate to help his family. Unluckyly, that’s the exact situation I was posed with about a year after both of us had tied the knot. His father broke his back a few weeks after his mother broke her hip. It was me who suggested both of us transfer after he tied up over asking me for afternoons. I wanted to support him in any way I possibly could, even if that meant moving to the northern midwest in a weather conditions that I knew would suppose insurmountable to me. The first Winter time season in Illinois was absolutely dreadful. On the a single hand I was cheerful about all of the lush trees & hiking trails in Lansing, Illinois where both of us settled, while on the other hand I struggled relentlessly with adjusting to the cold temperatures. When the temperature outside dropped down to 15 degrees below zero a single night during my first Winter time in Lansing, I thought that I was going to freeze to death. Adjusting to this current weather conditions has gotten a little bit easier this year after my fiance & I made the joint decision to buy & install radiant heated flooring throughout the entire house. Having radiant heated flooring also means zone-controlled heating in every room of the house. The two of us can activate certain zones & areas independently of a single another, with temperature controls in every room. Although living in Lansing, Illinois is cold compared to my beach house along the Gulf Coast, the radiant heated flooring in our beach house makes the cold weather bearable for me.


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