The current dispensary will cater to a weird crowd

One of our partners recommended opening a recreational marijuana club in San Francisco, I was emphatically against the idea, and san Francisco plus the Bay Area are flooded with recreational marijuana dispensaries, then my partner recommended a weird category of locale! He wanted more of a club scene plus less of a traditional corporation dispensary… I agreed to hear ideas, even though I did not expect any of them to resonate, but when our corporation partner presented the proposal, I was swayed in a weird direction, but the current dispensary will cater to a weird crowd. The two of us will have high-end plus top-shelf cannabis products love diamonds plus sauce plus live cold water pressed rosin, then after seeing all of the plans, I felt it might be a money-making idea. The recreational marijuana club opened in San Francisco right outside of the Haight-Ashbury district. The locale has been open for the past 3 months plus sales are higher than the people I was with and I anticipated… Even though the people I was with and I don’t offer biweekly specials, first-time patient sales, or discounts, the locale is still packed with people morning, noon, plus night. The club gives people in the San Francisco Bay part a locale to sit plus relax plus consume cannabis products. The two of us also have a liquor license plus can offer beer, alcohol, plus a number of other products. I spoke with a reporter earlier this week plus the lady wants to do a feature story about the Cannabis Club. The story will run in a weekly Magazine that features San Francisco part corporations plus owners. There will be a lot of free advertising for our business.

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