The floors of the bathhouse were actually heated

My wife and I have been traveling all over the country in our RV.

Sometimes the roads are very difficult to traverse.

The mountains are steep and the roads are narrow and winding. I often feel a great deal of anxiety, but I am thankful for medical marijuana. We recently visited Denver because they have recreational marijuana available. Our trip to the Denver area was a lot of fun. The weather was chilly, but not completely frigid. I honestly thought we would have snow everywhere by the middle of November, but I was pleasantly surprised by the mild weather and pleasant climate. While we were in Denver, we barely had to use the heat or air conditioning system at all. My wife and I enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities. Since the weather was comfortable and mild, we played a few rounds of golf. We visited one of the nearby ski resorts so we could check out the accommodations. There wasn’t any snow on the ground yet, but we we’re thinking about coming back through the area when it was much colder. I wanted to get an idea about the nicer places that were affordable and in our price range. Skiing is one of our favorite activities and we found a number of resorts where my wife and I can stay in our RV. Some are more expensive than others, like a place where the floors of the bath house were heated. The entire place had radiant heated floors and a heated pool and hot tub. The next time we come though Colorado, I’d love to stay at that local resort.

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