Who doesn't like the Chicago Bears

Everyone in my family is a huge fan of the Chicago Bears.

My family likes all of the Chicago sporting teams, but football is the biggest sport in our family.

On football Sunday, everyone gathers in the living room so we can watch the game together. Everyone makes a snack and we all bring drinks. There is plenty of food and lots of fun. Even the kids get into the game. Everyone at work knows that I love the bears. A new guy named Jack started at the HVAC business and I met him for drinks last Tuesday. The new HVAC technician told me that he is a fan of the Jets. I wanted to get up and leave the table, but I tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He seemed like a good guy, but the Jets are an awful team with terrible coaches and spoiled, entitled players. I wondered how a guy living in Orland Park could be a fan of the Jets. Jack told me that he did not grow up in Orland Park, Illinois. He actually lived in New Jersey for a long time. He only moved to Orland Park in the last couple of years because his wife got a job in Chicago. Since the new guy was not a native of the area, I decided not to give him a hard time about his football team. I did, however, tell the guy that I was going to do my best to get him to change to a Chicago Bears fan.



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