The small batch cannabis of Eugene OR

I grew up on the Oregon coast.

When I say that I was “on the coast” I mean that I could see the ocean from my bedroom window.

Walking down to the beach was just a little farther than walking down to the mailbox! I had no idea how good I had it back then, because there was literally an amazing wild world of logging trails and surfable tides for me to enjoy. I am older now, but I still call Oregon my home. I live in Eugene, OR now, and if I’m being honest with you I doubt I will ever leave. The lush woods surrounding Eugene are infinitely amazing, and I still spend part of every weekend exploring them. Eugene is great for more than one type of “trees” though, because our cannabis dispensaries are among the finest in the world. In all my exploring through the woods, over all these months and years, I can tell you that I have stumbled across cannabis fields more than once! I can’t say that they are “all over” but the deep woods do offer a solitude that is necessary for a small-scale cannabis grow. Once I actually saw signs warning me of a nearby cannabis farm, helpfully saying I might be shot if I kept walking. That made for a fun Instagram selfie! There are a lot of cannabis dispensaries in Eugene and the surrounding area, and all of that high grade product has to come from somewhere. Like whiskey, the best medical cannabis is small batch and homemade.
Medical Pot Near Me Eugene Oregon