New Mexico is great

I had to complete a project for a single of our college classes, then i was required to take pictures and create a presentation on the Petroglyph National monument in Albuquerque, NM.

I had to borrow our mom’s car to drive to the Albuquerque location.

It is about 45 minutes away from our apartment and the location of the college. The presentation gave me the choice to bump up our grade by a full letter, so it was worth the drive. I talked a single of our friends into joining me for the morning. I had to promise to buy the guy a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints from a dispensary. The prices of marijuana in Albuquerque are a lot cheaper than their prices of marijuana in the neighborhood where all of us live. There are also a number of dispensaries and that means a better selection… My friend and I stopped at a dispensary right outside of Albuquerque. It was only 10 minutes away from the Petroglyph National Monument. The Albuquerque dispensary had a lot of good deals and I really spent $100. My friend and I smoked a single of the pre-rolled marijuana joints before all of us arrived at the National Monument. I really took a hundred unusual pictures that morning for our project, although I wanted every single angle, then when I presented the project to our class and the professor, he was legitimately impressed with the work that I completed… He gave me a lot of great feedback and an A on the project. That means I will finish the semester with a B or better in the class.

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